Activation Code

Enter the 16-digit Activation Code supplied by your children's school here. Please type in the Activation Code exactly as it appears in the letter you received from your children's school (use capital letters and include hyphens).

If you have previously entered the Activation Code for one child, and are attempting to enter Activation Codes for additional children, please return to the main screen, log in and under "Manage Account", click "Enter Next Activation Code".

Verify your child's information

By clicking "Next", you are acknowledging that you are authorized to view the following child's information.

Note: Please contact your child's school if you have questions regarding the activation code.

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Security Questions
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Set up your Security Questions

If you ever lose your password, you will be able to reset your password. You will first be required to answer your choice of security questions correctly. Choose three different questions from the list below and provide your own answers. Try to pick questions that no one else could answer for you.