Hello CSP Schools:

Welcome to Assessment Data Online! This exciting, new data tool is included in your CSP Scoring Package. In fact, it is in this system that you will first access your testing program data: PDFs of the paper reports. Beyond the PDF format, you have access to data that can be aggregated and disaggregated by important categories, as well as dashboards that display key testing data graphically. The purpose of Assessment Data Online is to provide you with views into your testing data that will give insights into student learning. Our goal is to facilitate instructional effectiveness through effective data analysis.

To begin the data journey, first download the Quick Start Guide PDF. A more detailed User's Guide is also available. We encourage you to experience Assessment Data Online through its continual use. Also, we invite you to continue to provide us with your feedback by contacting CSP Customer Service at 800.367.0798.

The CSP Assessment Team